Spring time marketing for massage therapist

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Marketing with the season is a good way to get more work in a certain time a year. Your publicity should target a need that comes with spring. It should suggest to your clients something that could benefit them and be practical for them. Example, making publicity for a hot stone massage when the days are warming up makes no sense while offering them treatments that prepare them for warmer weather does. Also, every season has special events which are always a good opportunity for boosting gift certificate sales. This is a good thing to consider especially if your business slows down in the summer months.

Marketing Ideas


With the warm weather the layers of clothes come off possibly exposing dry winter skin. A new season is a good time for new skin. You can easily offer a full body exfoliation to your clients that are coming in for a massage.
Spring clean your body with a detoxifying wrap: In the spring, people like to do a little maintenance to their body with bathing suit season around the corner. Body wraps are very good for detoxifying and slimming down. This treatment can be added to a simple massage or if they want to go all out they can do the exfoliation too.

Mother’s day gift certificates:

Mother’s day is celebrated in the spring time and a massage is a good gift to give her to show that you care and that you want her to take care. People will be looking for ideas for gifts to give their mother and suggesting this can boost gift certificate sales. With father’s day not too far away you could also do a promotion that gives them a discount if they buy two.

Foot pampering:

Time for sandals and showing off the feet. I like to add a little bit of foot pampering to my reflexology sessions but this can be added to a massage too. I will do this by adding an extra half hour to the massage where my clients will soak their feet in an aromatherapy foot bath, get a sea salt foot exfoliation followed by a mask. This is very popular because a lot of my clients feel this need at this time of year and it allows me to get more hours.

Cellulite treatments:

Again, with a season for showing off more skin, some people might want to take care of their cellulite. This involves getting them to come in for a series of treatments with the possibility of selling products to aid them in this treatment. When you find a client that is willing to invest time and money in this treatment you get regular bookings and a steady income.

Weddings and anniversaries:

It’s the season of love accompanied by showers, bachelorette parties and wedding anniversaries. A couple’s spa treatment package could be a great thing to offer to those celebrating their wedding anniversaries. You could easily book up full days for every week-end in the spring and summer. When offering this in the spring it’s a good thing to specify that they need to reserve early because availabilities go fast. For those about to tie the knot it’s a time for celebrating with parties and loved one’s. You could offer your services at these events as an activity for them to do. Spa-rties can be a lot of fun and a good way to change the routine.

With these promotions and targeted publicity you should be able to fill up your schedule until fall which will be another season to profit from.

Work less and make more with massage
Tips for finding day clients


6 Tips for helping body workers in finding a day time clientele

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When we work in clientele service environment we often need to be available on an opposite schedule then those around us with 9 to 5 jobs. We often start work when people finish and vice versa. This can cause complications when we want to spend time with those around us, when the day care closes at 5 or when people we know plan events when everybody is available but us. This list could go on and on. We could take the decision to not work evenings and week-ends but this could come with a pay cut. The solution would be to find the day time clientele so that we can earn money and be with our families.

How to do this

1. Seniors early bird discount: I often get retired people that walk into my work place asking if we offer a senior discount. Even if it’s not much, they are happy to get some kind of a deal. I give them a rebate on the condition that they come before noon on week days. This works for both of us plus this is the quietest time during the day for me so they are not taking the spot of a full paying customer.

2. Others that work in clientele service: This could be anyone that works in a grocery store, pharmacy etc. Sometimes these people even have insurance coverage. You could also approach hair dressers, aestheticians….. Because these people work odd hours they often have a random day during the week off.

3. People that work around the clock: This could be anybody that works in a hospital, firemen, policeman and security guards. Because they need to be available all the time for us they also have odd schedules. These people can have random days off or work through the night. If they come after a shift it could be an early morning client for you.

4. Business owners: They are their own boss which means they work late in the office but can also step at 2 in the afternoon for a massage if they really want it. You can send a special to all the business in your town or join a small/medium business group and get to know them.

5. Pregnant woman/moms at home: Pregnant woman are or will be soon on maternity leave. Once they have their baby, I get them to book a massage when it’s their babies nap time. They come in with baby asleep and receive a massage. Most of the time we get through but if we don’t, I charge them only for the time I was able to give them. This is not possible with every baby but for some it works.

6.Offer free chair massage on week days: You can go to a gym and offer free chair massage to the clients a few hours during the day. If these people are available to go to the gym during the day then they will probably be available for a massage too. Also, you are targeting people that like to take care of their bodies so body work sessions could be of interest to them.

Hope this helps and good luck!!!

Tip for massage therapists to work less and make more
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Tips for massage therapists to work less and make more money

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If you are a massage therapist, then you know that when you give an hour session it can be very demanding. No time for taking a break, you need to devote yourself fully to the client if you want to impress them and keep them coming back. Not only can it be physically demanding but we need to be caring, understanding and attentive to what our clients are feeling. For this we need a lot of passion for helping people but we also have our limits. In this business, if we want to give personalized care we can’t over book our schedules and treat people like a number. Because we are limited on the amount of people we can take this can affect our salary. However, there are other things we can do in this business to make up for it. Here are a few suggestions.

Sell Products:

During a massage session you will be using a variety of products on your client. It could be the simple massage oil, a face cream, some aromatherapy or a muscle balm. Your client will be very attentive to the odors from the essential oils, the rehydrating effects of the oils and creams and the relieving effects of the balm on their muscles. As a massage therapist, you have access to these products straight from the suppliers. These suppliers offer you a discounted rate and usually the more you buy the more of a discount you get. With your reduced rate as a professional you can repackage and resell these products for about 40 to 50% more. Having a little store could bring in some extra income throughout the course of the year.

Hire an employee:

Business hours for a massage therapist could be from 9 to 9 five days a week and 9 to 5 on the sixth day. This is definitely too much for one person. If you have a room for treatments you could hire another person to allow you to make money when you are not there. If you work in the beginning of the day, they get the end of the day and vice versa. They work on your Saturday off and you, on theirs. Your employee can make anything between 40% to 50 % depending on experience and education. All it takes for this is a little initiative like taking the time to find an employee. If you are already getting calls for appointments that you can’t accommodate because you don’t want to be at work early morning and late evening these clients can now get treatments with your employee. This way you still get their business without working instead of losing them to your competition.

Get contract workers:

This is another one that takes a little initiative but once you find the contract workers and the contracts it’s just a question of maintenance. Chair massage contracts can be found in different offices, events and parties. You can put a little poster in your work place to show your clients that you offer this service. The clients that walk into your clinic could be in a position at their work where they could arrange for you to come in for a chair massage contract or they could also be in charge of an event or be hosting a party. Once the word is out, the calls should come in to get you to come back on a regular basis. It is good in this case to have a list of reliable contract workers that you can send out to the jobs. Not everybody likes to put the effort for searching for these possibilities and simply are happy when somebody hands over a job and each person gets a percentage. Some contract can be once a year in the case of a festival while others can be weekly or bi-monthly. Just think, if you were able to find one that is frequent and just had to make sure your contract workers shows up, how little work you would have to do for an increased salary at the end of the year.

Gift certificates:

Selling gift certificates during holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so on, is great way to make a decent amount in only a few days. Basically you are selling a card that costs around a few dollars with a value number of anywhere between 60$ to 500$ depending on the treatment. All though you need to give people this value back only a small percentage actually take advantage of it and you have a few years of them coming in here and there to claim it. But as time goes by, other holidays come with the opportunity to this once again. Each year this could boost your income by a reasonable amount and the extra cash all at once can be used to invest in your store, take other class to widen your services or used for publicity and all these are tax deductible.

Teach massage classes:

A few times a year you can give basic classes on the subjects you know. For example, I get a few clients that want to learn a few techniques just to be able to massage their loved ones. They are not looking to be professional; all they want is a few maneuvers. All though I am working, it is a lot less strenuous than a massage and it allows me to work more hours in a row. A 3 hour class takes 3 hours and we all know that tree 1 hour massages takes longer. In this situation you need to take into consideration the costs of renting a room, your hourly salary and come up with a minimum amount of signs up for the class to be a go. If you get more, all the better. The other possibility is to give the job to your employee or contract worker. They will be happy because you create work for them more frequently and this means no work for you with a little less profit after you pay them.

Massage therapist can make a good hourly salary but they are limited in the amount of hours they can do in a day which can bring their salary down. These recommendations will take a little extra work at first but once everything is set up, it’s just a matter of keeping the ball rolling.

Tips for finding day clients
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Clay Body Wraps

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Clays can dry up and have the appearance of a powder or absorb water and look like a paste. In therapy the dry powder will be blended with water to activate its healing properties. Throughout history they have been used for pottery, musical instruments and for treating ailments. They are enriched with minerals by the long process of the weathering down of rocks and are known for their powerful extraction properties. They can be found in lakes, rivers and in the lowers areas of mountains. In hydrotherapy, this substance will be used to treat a variety of condition that would benefits from detoxification and mineralization. They can act as a sedative, reduce inflammation and stimulate the system. They can be used externally like a mask, body wrap, added to bath water or internally when added to a glass of water and ingested. The therapist has a variety of different clays to choose from each ideal for treating different pathologies.

Types of clays and their benefits

White Clay:

This clay is the most gentle and is recommended for people with sensitive skin. It will stimulate circulation while reducing inflammation helping with arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis. It is the only one that does not extract oils from that body which makes it ideal for dry skin. It is a gentle exfoliant, cleanser and a good moisturizer. It can help repair scar tissue; reduce fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Green Clay:

This is the most absorbent of the clays and it is really good at pulling out oils and helping to clear out acne. It also works really well for drawing out toxins and aiding with digestion, reducing cellulite and weight. It is also the most therapeutic of the clays, enriched with magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese it will nourish the musculoskeletal system in order for it to repair as well as extract any of the waste matter caused by the damage. This one will be avoided it the cases of sensitive skin.

Red Clay:

Acts as a good absorbent while clearing out pores and offering a good exfoliation to rid the epidermis of dead skin cells and acne. It also has antibacterial and detoxifying properties which can help with indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and relieving pain.

Yellow Clay:

This one is good for activating the blood and lymphatic system. It is also very mild and good for soothing dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Like all the other clays it is detoxifying and able to suck out impurities from the skin.

Body wraps:

Once the spa worker has evaluated your health needs they will choose the appropriate clay for the treatment. They will start by adding water to the powdered clay in order to activate its healing properties. The client will be lying on a sheet of plastic while the therapist proceeds to paint the body with the mixture. Once they are finished they will wrap the clients with the plastic and a warm blanket to maintain heat and encourage perspiration allowing the pores to open. The client will stay like this for 20 minutes while the clay works at pulling out the impurities and nourishing the body with minerals via the skin. At the end, the hydrotherapist will come in and wash off the product revealing a redder skin with activated circulation and vitality.

Clay therapy is a great way for the body to absorb the richness of the earth to better our health.

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Naturally Clean With Aromatherapy

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Making your own natural house cleaning product is beneficial for the environment, as well economical. Avoiding all the toxins that are used in traditional products can also be better for our general health. Below you will find a few suggestions to get you started on making your home clean the non chemical way.

Bed linen spray

You can mix 30-40 drops of your favorite essential oil to 1,5 ouces of distilled water in a spray bottle with a light mist to create a bed linen spray.

Calming/ relaxing
• 10 drops of lavender
• 10 drops of clary sage
• 10 drops mandarin or bergamot

• 10 drops sandalwood
• 2 drops jasmine
• 2 drops ylang ylang
• 3 drops ginger
• 10 drops bergamot
• 3 drops lime

Carpet deodorizer

• 10 drops tea tree
• 10 drops lemon
• 20 drops lavender
• 1 16 ounce box of baking soda


• Pour baking soda in a bowl and add the essential oils
• Mix the content so that the oil are well blended to the baking soda. If the oils are not well mixed you risk staining your carpet.
• Store the mixture in a jar or air tight container.

• Sprinkle the deodorizer onto carpet
• Let sit for 10-20 minutes
• Vacuum

Diaper pail deodorizer

Simply add 10 drops of orange essential oil to a cotton ball and place it the diaper pail in order to mask the unpleasant odours.

Diaper spray

• Fill a spray bottle with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water.
• Add 10-15 drops of orange essential oil.
• Shake well.

Keep the bottle near the change table and spray every used diaper with before throwing away in the pail.

Toilet bowl cleaner

• Mix 10 drops of tea tree to ½ a cup of borax.
• Put mixture in toilet.
• Give a quick scrub.
• Let sit for several hours or over night.
• Scrub one last time and flush.

Vinegar floor cleaner ( without the smell)

• Add a ¼ cup of vinegar to a bucket of warm water.
• Add 10 drops of lemon and 4 drops of oregano.
• Wash floors as usual.

Wood cleaner

• ¼ cup of vinegar.
• ¼ cup of water.
• 5 drops of olive oil.
• 4 drops of lemon essential oil.

Combine ingredients in a bowl and submerge a cloth or sponge and wipe down all your wood furniture.

Mold and mildew

• 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil.
• 2 cups of water.


• Combine ingredients in a spray bottle.


• Spay areas that are affected with mold and mildew.
• Let the spray dry on and take action. This could take a few hours.
• Pass a cloth to clean the remaining mess.


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Hydrotherapy can help arthritis

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Hydrotherapy also known as spa treatments is the use of water to treat illness and relieve pain. The hydrotherapist will use hot and cold water to stimulate circulation to benefit the client. Inspired by balneotherapy , today’s spa worker may choose to enrich the water with minerals by adding clay, algae and mud. They may also enrich the treatment with massage, aromatherapy, sea salt exfoliations and oatmeal. A lot of ingredients for wraps can be found in nature or in our cupboards. For example, chocolate can be used to stimulate while honey can be used to soften skin. This practice has been used for many years in Europe to treat skin conditions and rheumatism.

Maniluve/Pediluve treatment

This treatment can be very beneficial for arthritis sufferers. The therapist will start with a sea salt exfoliation of the hands or feet to increase the circulation. The second step is for the patient to put their hand or foot in a basin of hot water and sea mud while doing exercise with a rubber ball. They may squeeze the ball or roll it around to massage the area. After being in the hot water for a bit they will move to the second basin filled with warm to cool water. In this basin they will splash around a bit to cool the area. This step will be repeated a few times to stimulate vasoconstriction and vasodilatation. After this process the hydrotherapist will apply a cream and massage the area before finishing with a hot paraffin treatment as a final touch.

Therapeutic Benefits

The first step for increasing the circulation is the exfoliant. The rough texture of the salt wakes up the circulatory system, followed by the heat which is known to soothe pain and the cold which can reduce inflammation while acting as an analgesic. The hot and cold causes the veins to constrict and dilate pumping the blood even more. Some of the blood will clear waste matter while some will bring in nutrients and oxygen which the body needs to repair itself. The sea mud is loaded with minerals which will be absorbed by the body. These minerals are a good source of nutrients for the musculoskeletal system therefore maintaining its health. The lymphatic system will also be stimulated and will start to work at reducing inflammation. When the exercises are performed in hot water the muscles, ligaments and tendons are warmed up, movement is facilitated and a wider range of movement is possible. In the end, the client has their hands or feet wrapped with paraffin. This process will permit perspiration allowing detoxification.

Hydrotherapist are trained to help people with an array of problems and spas can be used for more than just pampering. An occasional maniluve/pediluve treatment could be something to consider to aid in reducing the pain of arthritis in order to be able to function better.

Mud Baths

Sheet Massage

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I this technique, the therapist will use a sheet to cradle your body parts, making you feel weightless while they rock your back and forth and stretch you out. The wrap around effect of the sheet offers really good support. The receiver can feel this and feel comfortable to let go fully. With a relaxed body, the therapist will be able to start the stretching maneuvers finding a wider range of movement to work with. It could be compared to a yoga session but in this case, all you need to do is let go and relax. This treatment is done with the client clothed wearing something comfortable that allows movement but not too loose to avoid sliding around and interfering with the sheet work. The session is best performed on the ground that has been padded with blankets or on a futon to allow the body worker to move around freely. It is possible to perform sheet massage on a table with a few adjustments but to get the full affect it is better at ground level.

Relaxing effects

Think of how you feel when you are rocking back and forth in a hammock. Losing yourself in the swaying movement and feeling weightless can be very relaxing on the mind. We seem to concentrate on this enjoyable sensation forgetting about all the everyday stresses. Just like in yoga, the stretches in this treatment will relieve physical and mental tension making us feel better as a whole while bringing us mental clarity, better sleep, reduced anxiety, bigger and deeper breaths and more energy to face life’s problems.

Therapeutic effects

The therapeutic effect of this treatment is all in the stretching. When the muscles are stretched out they are able to loosen up and tension subsides. Once the muscles release, they stop tugging on the bones allowing them to come back in place relieving any joint discomforts. When the joints are properly aligned, the nerves, meniscus, tendons and ligaments are less irritated. When the therapist uses the sheet to lift the body parts and the client does not participate with their muscle, it is possible to have a wider stretch. This wider stretch will help to regain more motion and flexibility helping out with stiff muscles. The digestive system can also be stimulated with stretches, encouraging the removal of toxins and helping with constipation.

This treatment is recommended for general tension whether it is body, mind or both it can relax physically and mentally.

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