Yoga for Insomnia


Insomnia is the symptom of a variety of other health problems. The source can come from psychological problems like stress and anxiety, physical pain that doesn’t allow us to fall asleep as well as digestive disorders that cause discomforts and hormonal changes that affect our moods and unbalance us. Some of the hormonal changes can be caused by menstruation and menopause causing our hormones to fluctuate up and down affecting our general well being whether physical or mental. Sleepless nights can last from a few days in row to a few weeks in most case but for others it can be an ongoing problem. The hours that we spend awake keep our bodies from taking care and repairing the various health problems that cause the insomnia. Very soon, we can find ourselves in a vicious circle where circle where the causes worsen and sleep is much more difficult.


Yoga can be very beneficial for treating the causes of insomnia and conquering sleeping problems. The meditation and breathing exercises will allow us to calm our restless minds reducing stress and feelings of anxiety making our troubles a thing of the past. The stretching techniques will rid the muscles of tension releasing joint discomforts and reducing physical pain. When we are alleviated from pain, it is also much easier to relax. Some of the stretches are able to stimulate the digestive system while the breathing techniques will allow the diaphragm to massage the intestines assuring their proper function. When the mind is relaxed and not filled with stressful thoughts, it has more time to handle its normal tasks. This includes proper distribution of hormones and giving signals for the body to repair itself. Once this happens, physical pain is once again taking care of and problems like P.M.S and hot flashes are relived.

Taking a moment to do a few yoga stretches, meditation and breathing exercises during our bed time routine can help with the various health problems that cause insomnia. Restful nights will also give you more energy to deal with everyday stresses and the repairing benefits will fix the problems causing pain.

Precautions: If you are pregnant, have any disabilities, have severe or chronic medical conditions it is best to check with a physician or yoga instructor before starting to practice yoga. They will be able to assess your case and recommend a proper routine. It is important to feel a good stretch however you should stay within your limitations to avoid injury. This article is for information purposes only.

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