Yoga for Digestion


Indigestion also known as dyspepsia is a term used to group several symptoms of a digestive tract that is not feeling well. These symptoms may include nausea, heartburn, bloating, cramping, flatulence, feeling full and abdominal discomfort. For most people these symptoms are minor and only cause a bit of discomfort while a small percentage will need to see a doctor for help. Indigestion can happen during and after meals and is often influenced by what we ingest. Dairy products, alcohol, coffee and teas can stimulate the production of acid in the stomach while medication, intestinal parasites and organs that are not functioning well will also affect the digestive tract causing indigestion. Another factor that will disturb digestion is our emotions. When we are nervous our stomach can be in knots, feelings of depression can lead us to eat more or less and a stressful lifestyle can lead us to skip meals or eat junk food on the go. Maintaining a healthy stomach can in improve our general well being.


Yoga is a great exercise to stimulate the digestive system, maintain its health and treat the unpleasant symptoms that come along with indigestion. The breathing exercises will calm mental tension and reduce feelings of stress which will in turn relax any stomach knots. Taking in deep breaths will also allow the diaphragm to move up and down massaging the intestines and encouraging the flow of digestion. The stretches and trunk twists will create a pressure on the digestive organs stimulating them to discharge digestive juices and encourage peristalsis for proper elimination. Taking a moment to do a bit if yoga can help with indigestion as well as help maintain good health, control weight and detoxify our systems.

Precautions: If you are pregnant, have any disabilities, have severe or chronic medical conditions it is best to check with a physician or yoga instructor before starting to practice yoga. They will be able to assess your case and recommend a proper routine. It is important to feel a good stretch however you should stay within your limitations to avoid injury. This article is for information purposes only.

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  1. I loved your article Yoga for indigestion;I never would have thought of Yoga for indigestion and heartburn as I usually go for Roll aids. But yoga is so much better as it also helps relaxation. Keep on writing. I learn something new and useful every time I read you.

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