Sea Shell Massage

Throughout history sea shells have had importance in many cultures. They once have been used as currency in the Indian and Pacific oceans as well as America, Africa and the Caribbean. Because of their shape, they made great tools used as scrapers, blades and shovels. They are also believed to have very good healing energy and are a strong symbolism in many religions of the world. Today, you can go to a massage therapist who will use a variety of shells as tools to work out your tension and hopefully you will benefit from its healing powers.

What to expect during the treatment:

This treatment consists of a Swedish massage where the therapist will use cone scallops and fan shaped shells with all their different texture as a tool to work your knots and tension. The different contours can be used in a variety of different ways to offer a deep penetrating massage. The massage therapist could use the shells cool or warmed up in hot water. The hot shells could be placed in different areas on the body for concentrated heat or passed along the members, back and neck to increase circulation on an entire area. They might also pour a few drops of essential oils onto the hot shells that have been placed on the body to bring in the added benefits of aromatherapy.

The Benefits to this treatment:

This massage can have therapeutic effect on the muscles. The shells can be used to penetrate deeper and if they are warmed up, they can relax tight, achy muscles and offer pain relief. Using the shells hot will also increase blood circulation which will have a ripple effect on the lymphatic system ridding the body of toxins like lactic acid and helping with circulatory problems. This treatment can also be very relaxing, therefore reducing stress, anxiety and even helping with insomnia. Also, the texture of certain shells can offer a slight exfoliation that will take care of dead skin cells.

With all these benefits how could you not enjoy the healing powers of the shells?


~ by 1bizzybee on March 25, 2010.

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