Chocolate Body Wraps

This very delicious treat does wonders on our health. Chocolate is made from cacao beans which are enriched with anti-oxidant that maintain good cell health as well as citric acid and magnesium oxide. Because it insures good cell health it does wonders on skin, toning it and giving it a healthier glow and softer touch. The very smell of chocolate will trigger our brain to release endorphins uplifting our mood, making us feel generally better therefor reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and emotional P.M.S symptoms. It is also known for it’s stimulating effects on our metabolism, encouraging blood and lymph flow which will in turn remove excess fluid, detoxify and help for losing weight and reducing cellulite.

Chocolate Body Wraps:

Body wraps are a wonderful way to soak up the benefits of chocolate via the skin. The treatment will start with an exfoliation in order to rid the epidermis of dead skin cells which will allow the product to go work directly on a newer layer of skin. This process will also open the pores and activate the blood circulation so that absorption of the nutrients is facilitated. Many different types of exfoliations can be used but if we want to keep the themes one made with cocoa beans is defiantly recommended. Once the skin is prepared a layer of cocoa powder that has been mixed with water is smoothed onto the body. Once an area is covered, the therapist proceeds to wrapping with a plastic layer and a blanket until the entire body has been covered. The face can be included without being wrapped.Bundling up the client will keep them warm ad they perspire the detoxification process begins while the the skin feed itself of the richness of the chocolate. The clients will stay relaxing for about 20 minutes before being unwrapped and heading to clean off the product. This can be done by taking a shower and flushing it down the drain or by asking in a nice hot bath to continue enjoying the benefits. A nice way to end this treatment is to compliment it with a massage of simply apply a cocoa butter based cream all over the body.

Do It Yourself:

Although it is nice to treat ourselves at the spa it is not necessary to spend the big bucks to enjoy this treatment. Like many spa treatments, the ingredients can be found at the super market and with a few materials this can be done in the comfort of our own home. For the mixture, you will need 200 grams of cocoa powder with no less then 50% cocoa beans. You can mix this to 1/2 a liter of water and stir until everything is well blended. Start by giving your skin a quick exfoliation and proceed to apply the chocolate mixture. Once you have it all over you can wrap yourself in a large piece of plastic and blanket. Stay like this for a good 20 minutes then proceed to either a bath or shower. Finish by applying cream all over.

Simply another way to enjoy chocolate while taking care of yourself. Hope you enjoy this treat.

Precaution: This treatment is not recommended for people with diabetes and people with high or low blood pressure, heart disease or pregnant should check with their doctor first.  Claustrophobic people could feel uncomfortable all wrapped up.

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