Tips for massage therapists to work less and make more money

If you are a massage therapist, then you know that when you give an hour session it can be very demanding. No time for taking a break, you need to devote yourself fully to the client if you want to impress them and keep them coming back. Not only can it be physically demanding but we need to be caring, understanding and attentive to what our clients are feeling. For this we need a lot of passion for helping people but we also have our limits. In this business, if we want to give personalized care we can’t over book our schedules and treat people like a number. Because we are limited on the amount of people we can take this can affect our salary. However, there are other things we can do in this business to make up for it. Here are a few suggestions.

Sell Products:

During a massage session you will be using a variety of products on your client. It could be the simple massage oil, a face cream, some aromatherapy or a muscle balm. Your client will be very attentive to the odors from the essential oils, the rehydrating effects of the oils and creams and the relieving effects of the balm on their muscles. As a massage therapist, you have access to these products straight from the suppliers. These suppliers offer you a discounted rate and usually the more you buy the more of a discount you get. With your reduced rate as a professional you can repackage and resell these products for about 40 to 50% more. Having a little store could bring in some extra income throughout the course of the year.

Hire an employee:

Business hours for a massage therapist could be from 9 to 9 five days a week and 9 to 5 on the sixth day. This is definitely too much for one person. If you have a room for treatments you could hire another person to allow you to make money when you are not there. If you work in the beginning of the day, they get the end of the day and vice versa. They work on your Saturday off and you, on theirs. Your employee can make anything between 40% to 50 % depending on experience and education. All it takes for this is a little initiative like taking the time to find an employee. If you are already getting calls for appointments that you can’t accommodate because you don’t want to be at work early morning and late evening these clients can now get treatments with your employee. This way you still get their business without working instead of losing them to your competition.

Get contract workers:

This is another one that takes a little initiative but once you find the contract workers and the contracts it’s just a question of maintenance. Chair massage contracts can be found in different offices, events and parties. You can put a little poster in your work place to show your clients that you offer this service. The clients that walk into your clinic could be in a position at their work where they could arrange for you to come in for a chair massage contract or they could also be in charge of an event or be hosting a party. Once the word is out, the calls should come in to get you to come back on a regular basis. It is good in this case to have a list of reliable contract workers that you can send out to the jobs. Not everybody likes to put the effort for searching for these possibilities and simply are happy when somebody hands over a job and each person gets a percentage. Some contract can be once a year in the case of a festival while others can be weekly or bi-monthly. Just think, if you were able to find one that is frequent and just had to make sure your contract workers shows up, how little work you would have to do for an increased salary at the end of the year.

Gift certificates:

Selling gift certificates during holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so on, is great way to make a decent amount in only a few days. Basically you are selling a card that costs around a few dollars with a value number of anywhere between 60$ to 500$ depending on the treatment. All though you need to give people this value back only a small percentage actually take advantage of it and you have a few years of them coming in here and there to claim it. But as time goes by, other holidays come with the opportunity to this once again. Each year this could boost your income by a reasonable amount and the extra cash all at once can be used to invest in your store, take other class to widen your services or used for publicity and all these are tax deductible.

Teach massage classes:

A few times a year you can give basic classes on the subjects you know. For example, I get a few clients that want to learn a few techniques just to be able to massage their loved ones. They are not looking to be professional; all they want is a few maneuvers. All though I am working, it is a lot less strenuous than a massage and it allows me to work more hours in a row. A 3 hour class takes 3 hours and we all know that tree 1 hour massages takes longer. In this situation you need to take into consideration the costs of renting a room, your hourly salary and come up with a minimum amount of signs up for the class to be a go. If you get more, all the better. The other possibility is to give the job to your employee or contract worker. They will be happy because you create work for them more frequently and this means no work for you with a little less profit after you pay them.

Massage therapist can make a good hourly salary but they are limited in the amount of hours they can do in a day which can bring their salary down. These recommendations will take a little extra work at first but once everything is set up, it’s just a matter of keeping the ball rolling.

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