Spring time marketing for massage therapist

Marketing with the season is a good way to get more work in a certain time a year. Your publicity should target a need that comes with spring. It should suggest to your clients something that could benefit them and be practical for them. Example, making publicity for a hot stone massage when the days are warming up makes no sense while offering them treatments that prepare them for warmer weather does. Also, every season has special events which are always a good opportunity for boosting gift certificate sales. This is a good thing to consider especially if your business slows down in the summer months.

Marketing Ideas


With the warm weather the layers of clothes come off possibly exposing dry winter skin. A new season is a good time for new skin. You can easily offer a full body exfoliation to your clients that are coming in for a massage.
Spring clean your body with a detoxifying wrap: In the spring, people like to do a little maintenance to their body with bathing suit season around the corner. Body wraps are very good for detoxifying and slimming down. This treatment can be added to a simple massage or if they want to go all out they can do the exfoliation too.

Mother’s day gift certificates:

Mother’s day is celebrated in the spring time and a massage is a good gift to give her to show that you care and that you want her to take care. People will be looking for ideas for gifts to give their mother and suggesting this can boost gift certificate sales. With father’s day not too far away you could also do a promotion that gives them a discount if they buy two.

Foot pampering:

Time for sandals and showing off the feet. I like to add a little bit of foot pampering to my reflexology sessions but this can be added to a massage too. I will do this by adding an extra half hour to the massage where my clients will soak their feet in an aromatherapy foot bath, get a sea salt foot exfoliation followed by a mask. This is very popular because a lot of my clients feel this need at this time of year and it allows me to get more hours.

Cellulite treatments:

Again, with a season for showing off more skin, some people might want to take care of their cellulite. This involves getting them to come in for a series of treatments with the possibility of selling products to aid them in this treatment. When you find a client that is willing to invest time and money in this treatment you get regular bookings and a steady income.

Weddings and anniversaries:

It’s the season of love accompanied by showers, bachelorette parties and wedding anniversaries. A couple’s spa treatment package could be a great thing to offer to those celebrating their wedding anniversaries. You could easily book up full days for every week-end in the spring and summer. When offering this in the spring it’s a good thing to specify that they need to reserve early because availabilities go fast. For those about to tie the knot it’s a time for celebrating with parties and loved one’s. You could offer your services at these events as an activity for them to do. Spa-rties can be a lot of fun and a good way to change the routine.

With these promotions and targeted publicity you should be able to fill up your schedule until fall which will be another season to profit from.

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