Clay Body Wraps

Clays can dry up and have the appearance of a powder or absorb water and look like a paste. In therapy the dry powder will be blended with water to activate its healing properties. Throughout history they have been used for pottery, musical instruments and for treating ailments. They are enriched with minerals by the long process of the weathering down of rocks and are known for their powerful extraction properties. They can be found in lakes, rivers and in the lowers areas of mountains. In hydrotherapy, this substance will be used to treat a variety of condition that would benefits from detoxification and mineralization. They can act as a sedative, reduce inflammation and stimulate the system. They can be used externally like a mask, body wrap, added to bath water or internally when added to a glass of water and ingested. The therapist has a variety of different clays to choose from each ideal for treating different pathologies.

Types of clays and their benefits

White Clay:

This clay is the most gentle and is recommended for people with sensitive skin. It will stimulate circulation while reducing inflammation helping with arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis. It is the only one that does not extract oils from that body which makes it ideal for dry skin. It is a gentle exfoliant, cleanser and a good moisturizer. It can help repair scar tissue; reduce fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Green Clay:

This is the most absorbent of the clays and it is really good at pulling out oils and helping to clear out acne. It also works really well for drawing out toxins and aiding with digestion, reducing cellulite and weight. It is also the most therapeutic of the clays, enriched with magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese it will nourish the musculoskeletal system in order for it to repair as well as extract any of the waste matter caused by the damage. This one will be avoided it the cases of sensitive skin.

Red Clay:

Acts as a good absorbent while clearing out pores and offering a good exfoliation to rid the epidermis of dead skin cells and acne. It also has antibacterial and detoxifying properties which can help with indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and relieving pain.

Yellow Clay:

This one is good for activating the blood and lymphatic system. It is also very mild and good for soothing dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Like all the other clays it is detoxifying and able to suck out impurities from the skin.

Body wraps:

Once the spa worker has evaluated your health needs they will choose the appropriate clay for the treatment. They will start by adding water to the powdered clay in order to activate its healing properties. The client will be lying on a sheet of plastic while the therapist proceeds to paint the body with the mixture. Once they are finished they will wrap the clients with the plastic and a warm blanket to maintain heat and encourage perspiration allowing the pores to open. The client will stay like this for 20 minutes while the clay works at pulling out the impurities and nourishing the body with minerals via the skin. At the end, the hydrotherapist will come in and wash off the product revealing a redder skin with activated circulation and vitality.

Clay therapy is a great way for the body to absorb the richness of the earth to better our health.

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