6 Tips for helping body workers in finding a day time clientele

When we work in clientele service environment we often need to be available on an opposite schedule then those around us with 9 to 5 jobs. We often start work when people finish and vice versa. This can cause complications when we want to spend time with those around us, when the day care closes at 5 or when people we know plan events when everybody is available but us. This list could go on and on. We could take the decision to not work evenings and week-ends but this could come with a pay cut. The solution would be to find the day time clientele so that we can earn money and be with our families.

How to do this

1. Seniors early bird discount: I often get retired people that walk into my work place asking if we offer a senior discount. Even if it’s not much, they are happy to get some kind of a deal. I give them a rebate on the condition that they come before noon on week days. This works for both of us plus this is the quietest time during the day for me so they are not taking the spot of a full paying customer.

2. Others that work in clientele service: This could be anyone that works in a grocery store, pharmacy etc. Sometimes these people even have insurance coverage. You could also approach hair dressers, aestheticians….. Because these people work odd hours they often have a random day during the week off.

3. People that work around the clock: This could be anybody that works in a hospital, firemen, policeman and security guards. Because they need to be available all the time for us they also have odd schedules. These people can have random days off or work through the night. If they come after a shift it could be an early morning client for you.

4. Business owners: They are their own boss which means they work late in the office but can also step at 2 in the afternoon for a massage if they really want it. You can send a special to all the business in your town or join a small/medium business group and get to know them.

5. Pregnant woman/moms at home: Pregnant woman are or will be soon on maternity leave. Once they have their baby, I get them to book a massage when it’s their babies nap time. They come in with baby asleep and receive a massage. Most of the time we get through but if we don’t, I charge them only for the time I was able to give them. This is not possible with every baby but for some it works.

6.Offer free chair massage on week days: You can go to a gym and offer free chair massage to the clients a few hours during the day. If these people are available to go to the gym during the day then they will probably be available for a massage too. Also, you are targeting people that like to take care of their bodies so body work sessions could be of interest to them.

Hope this helps and good luck!!!

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