Sheet Massage

I this technique, the therapist will use a sheet to cradle your body parts, making you feel weightless while they rock your back and forth and stretch you out. The wrap around effect of the sheet offers really good support. The receiver can feel this and feel comfortable to let go fully. With a relaxed body, the therapist will be able to start the stretching maneuvers finding a wider range of movement to work with. It could be compared to a yoga session but in this case, all you need to do is let go and relax. This treatment is done with the client clothed wearing something comfortable that allows movement but not too loose to avoid sliding around and interfering with the sheet work. The session is best performed on the ground that has been padded with blankets or on a futon to allow the body worker to move around freely. It is possible to perform sheet massage on a table with a few adjustments but to get the full affect it is better at ground level.

Relaxing effects

Think of how you feel when you are rocking back and forth in a hammock. Losing yourself in the swaying movement and feeling weightless can be very relaxing on the mind. We seem to concentrate on this enjoyable sensation forgetting about all the everyday stresses. Just like in yoga, the stretches in this treatment will relieve physical and mental tension making us feel better as a whole while bringing us mental clarity, better sleep, reduced anxiety, bigger and deeper breaths and more energy to face life’s problems.

Therapeutic effects

The therapeutic effect of this treatment is all in the stretching. When the muscles are stretched out they are able to loosen up and tension subsides. Once the muscles release, they stop tugging on the bones allowing them to come back in place relieving any joint discomforts. When the joints are properly aligned, the nerves, meniscus, tendons and ligaments are less irritated. When the therapist uses the sheet to lift the body parts and the client does not participate with their muscle, it is possible to have a wider stretch. This wider stretch will help to regain more motion and flexibility helping out with stiff muscles. The digestive system can also be stimulated with stretches, encouraging the removal of toxins and helping with constipation.

This treatment is recommended for general tension whether it is body, mind or both it can relax physically and mentally.

Bamboo Massage
Sea Shell Massage
Thermal Palms Massage


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