Hydrotherapy can help arthritis

Hydrotherapy also known as spa treatments is the use of water to treat illness and relieve pain. The hydrotherapist will use hot and cold water to stimulate circulation to benefit the client. Inspired by balneotherapy , today’s spa worker may choose to enrich the water with minerals by adding clay, algae and mud. They may also enrich the treatment with massage, aromatherapy, sea salt exfoliations and oatmeal. A lot of ingredients for wraps can be found in nature or in our cupboards. For example, chocolate can be used to stimulate while honey can be used to soften skin. This practice has been used for many years in Europe to treat skin conditions and rheumatism.

Maniluve/Pediluve treatment

This treatment can be very beneficial for arthritis sufferers. The therapist will start with a sea salt exfoliation of the hands or feet to increase the circulation. The second step is for the patient to put their hand or foot in a basin of hot water and sea mud while doing exercise with a rubber ball. They may squeeze the ball or roll it around to massage the area. After being in the hot water for a bit they will move to the second basin filled with warm to cool water. In this basin they will splash around a bit to cool the area. This step will be repeated a few times to stimulate vasoconstriction and vasodilatation. After this process the hydrotherapist will apply a cream and massage the area before finishing with a hot paraffin treatment as a final touch.

Therapeutic Benefits

The first step for increasing the circulation is the exfoliant. The rough texture of the salt wakes up the circulatory system, followed by the heat which is known to soothe pain and the cold which can reduce inflammation while acting as an analgesic. The hot and cold causes the veins to constrict and dilate pumping the blood even more. Some of the blood will clear waste matter while some will bring in nutrients and oxygen which the body needs to repair itself. The sea mud is loaded with minerals which will be absorbed by the body. These minerals are a good source of nutrients for the musculoskeletal system therefore maintaining its health. The lymphatic system will also be stimulated and will start to work at reducing inflammation. When the exercises are performed in hot water the muscles, ligaments and tendons are warmed up, movement is facilitated and a wider range of movement is possible. In the end, the client has their hands or feet wrapped with paraffin. This process will permit perspiration allowing detoxification.

Hydrotherapist are trained to help people with an array of problems and spas can be used for more than just pampering. An occasional maniluve/pediluve treatment could be something to consider to aid in reducing the pain of arthritis in order to be able to function better.

Mud Baths


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  1. Arthritis pain sometimes become very much untolarateable. It should be diagnosed before it get worst. nourishing the joints through improving the circulation around the joint can results fantastic.

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