Thermal palm massage

In this technique, the therapist uses pouches that have been filled with oatmeal and warmed up as a tool for working the body. These pouches warm up the muscles instantly and allow the therapist to work with more pressure. The main purpose is to activate circulation during the session using massage and heat via these pouches so that the client can enjoy all the benefits that come with this.

What are these benefits?

When the heat from the thermal palms is applied, it increases blood flow in that area. When this happens, the blood is able to clear out the garbage from damaged tissue and bring in nutrients and oxygen to start the repairing process. Activating the blood circulation will also stimulate the lymphatic system which will start to work at clearing waste matter and boosting the immune system. This can be very beneficial for any injuries where there was enough damage to cause scar tissue. This treatment will also increase perspiration which is good for detoxifying and clearing clogged pores which can replenish skin hydration. Applying heat to tense, stiff muscles can relax them and this will have a ripple effect on the surrounding tendons, ligaments and joints alleviating pain. When the hot pouches are glided along the spine, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the body’s rest and repair. Once the nervous system calmed, pain signals to the brain calm down, the body starts to let go of tension, breathing slows down and the client is able to relax leaving stress behind.

Who would enjoy this?

This treatment can be very enjoyable for relaxing mind and body tension. When you are going through stressful moments and your muscles seize up as a result you will enjoy calming affects of the warm pouches.

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