Mud Baths

Mud therapy also known as fangotherapy has been used for centuries in Europe to treat rheumatism and skin conditions. Today we can still find people enjoying its benefits in nature like in Israel at the Dead Sea or in various spas around the world. Some spas offer a bath uniquely filled with warm mud while others add some mud to a hot bath. It is also possible to experience it as a body wrap. The mud can be composed of peat moss, water from hot springs, volcanic ashes and its remineralizing qualities can help with a variety of ailments.

4 Types of mud

Moor: This mud has a p.h level of 5.5 and can be found in the plains or in the mountains. The mountain mud will be more remineralizing because it contains water that has picked up the richness from the surrounding rocks while the mud from the plains is enriched with about 1500 plants depending on the area.

Marine: Extracted from the sea 20 to 50 meters from the shoreline to avoid pollution, it is enriched with marine vegetation.

Thermal: Found in hot springs the minerals in this mud will vary according to the region.

Volcanic: Like the name says, it is found in volcanic regions and its richness come from volcanic ashes.

The Benefits of mud

Mud can help with joint and muscle problems like tendonitis and bursitis and its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce swelling and soothe arthritis symptoms. It has a great effect on skin by getting rid of dead skin cells, rehydrating the epidermis, healing scars and soothing eczema and psoriasis. Its detoxifying properties can aid in clearing acne and cellulite. It also works at improving circulation for heavy legs, edema, phlebitis and varicose veins. Floating in this substance can be a very relaxing feeling and calm nervous tension and stress.

We can experience the richness from the earth via this therapeutic mud.

Swimming in volcanic mud in Colombia


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2 Responses to “Mud Baths”

  1. Peat Mud Therapy is also know since a long time for it’s curative properties. Often used in conjunction with Thermotherapy, Peat Mud offers a Natural Relief for Arthristis, Arthrosis and Rheumatism.

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