Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Fibromyalgia

Lymphatic drainage massage is to be considered if you suffer from fibromyalgia. This technique involves light pressure that will encourage the lymph to go to the lymph nodes so that the cleaning process of the body can be stimulated. The light pressure that is used can be very enjoyable for the painful body of a fibromyalgia sufferer.

Why they will benefit

A lot of medication: People with fibromyalgia sometimes need to take a lot of medication to ease their symptoms. These drugs that are in their systems can cause other problems leading them to take other pills for these. Before they know it, they have a full medicine cabinet and are stuck in a vicious circle. Lymphatic drainage can help them clear out the accumulation of these substances therefore decreasing the side effects that come with ingesting them. It can also come in handy when they are trying to wean themselves of a medication that they didn’t find particularly helpful. Before stopping any medication they should however verify with their doctor for tips on how to do this properly. Lymphatic drainage will be used as a treatment to facilitate this process.

Digestive problems: With all the medication, stress and anxiety that comes with having fibromyalgia the digestive tract can take a beating. Our emotions can put our stomachs in knots and the pills make it work hard to clear out the unnatural matter that comes with them. The digestive organs are surrounded with lymph nodes in charge to keep these ones clean. Lymphatic massage will come stimulate these areas in order to clear them up and assure their proper function. A clear stomach that is detoxified from medication can in turn clear the mind.

Pain Management: A person with fibromyalgia can be very sensitive and the thought of a deep massage might scare them. Lymphatic massage is however a very gentle technique. The light pressure of the therapist will work the body and the nerve endings that pick up on this sensation will replace the message of pain with one of delight. Lymphatic drainage will also reduce inflammation and work out lactic acid that comes with aches and pains.

Reducing Stress: Like many types of massages, lymphatic drainage can be very relaxing. Going for a treatment is a moment we take for ourselves and where we can detach from our everyday stresses and lose ourselves in the rhythmic motions of the therapist.

Is this treatment for me?

This is recommended if your fibromyalgia is very acute and you can’t handle the pressure of a massage or if you are feeling the effect of a lot of medication.

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