Bamboo Massage

Hhhhhmmm!!!! Interesting name. Sounds exotic but what does this consist of? Well as the name says, it’s a massage. As for the bamboo part, we can find a variety of different size bamboo sticks used as tools by the massage therapist to apply a good pressure to the tight aching muscles with barely any effort.

What to expect during the treatment

The therapist will start by applying oil to the entire body without massaging. In close range, he will have handy his bamboo sticks (the half pint, the middle man and the shorty). These vary in size and will be switched from one to another depending on the size of the client or the area to be worked on. The treatment starts off with long stokes. Large surfaces are covered with one glide to prepare the body fully for the work to come and to allow the therapist to evaluate the tense areas. Some long stokes are static, the stick does not move but is however moved by the therapist. Others strokes consist of gliding the stick and giving it either a half or full roll or adding a vibration movements. All these techniques can also be applied to short strokes where the therapist will concentrate on one area of a segment. Example, working the calf of the leg. Fanning strokes can be used to work the sides of the body. The therapist will mobilize one end of the stick and move the other end in a full range resembling a fan opening up. They may also use the tip of the stick to target specific knots really digging in to them or to strip away tension from a specific muscle.

Who would like this?

If you like a massage with good pressure that really digs into the muscles this treatment is to be considered. These tools allow the therapist to work hard without any effort. Their weight is simply transferred onto your body via the bamboo.

Sea Shell Massage


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