Aromatherapy in the Medicine Cabinet

The more I discovered about essential oils the more space they took in my medicine cabinet leaving less space for chemical drugs. At the same time, I found myself needing less space for chemical drugs because aromatherapy was gradually replacing the need to buy them.


When I had aches and pains, I could find essentials oils with analgesic properties that would dull the pain. When I was congested, I could find oils that were expectorant and helped clear up phlegm. If I had a muscle spasm, I would find an essential oil that was antispasmodic. If I had a cut, I could find oils that were antiseptic and others that were cicatrisant to help heal the wound. Others had calming properties which could soothe a burn, help with insomnia, stress or anxiety. And finally, others were digestive which could help with a wide range of indigestion problems. I just kept discovering more and more ways to use these oils that I got to the point where I haven’t bought chemical medicine in years.

Essential Oils

One of the oils that I can find in my medicine cabinet would be lavender. I use this in cases of burns, a bad cough, headaches, to heal scars or when I have problems sleeping I sprinkle a few drops on a tissue paper and place it inside my pillow case. Peppermint is very handy for headaches, indigestion or for relieving any type of joint, muscle or tendon pain. When a headache comes on, I put a few drops in some cream and massage my neck, the base of my skull and finish with my scalp. It instantly freezes the pain and allows me to continue with my day. For indigestion, I put a few drops in some massage oil and rub my stomach in a clock wise motion to encourage digestion. This oil will also relieve any pain that comes with having cramps. When I have allergies or a cold and I’m congested, I like to do a steam with peppermint and eucalyptus. Clearing my breathing passages from phlegm could also help with coughing. Tea tree has been a very useful oil in my medicine cabinet as well. It can be used to disinfect a fresh cut or wound by putting a few drops in warm water and soaking a cloth in this mixture to clean the affected area. It is also very good for treating athlete’s foot, nail fungus, boils, acne, psoriasis, eczema, lice and dandruff.

So there you have it, only 4 different essential oils that can help with a variety of common ailment.

This is for information purposes only. It is best to check with a physician or aromatherapist before starting any type of treatment for proper use. If you have heart conditions, epilepsy, are on medication, are pregnant or have any type of health problem s special precautions should be taken. It is always recommended to do a patch test with an essential oil to see if you are allergic before using it.

Aromatherapy for Aches and Pains
Aromatherapy for Colds
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Aromatherapy for Cuts and Scrapes


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