The Lymphatic System And How It Works On Cellulite

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a structure of vessels adjacent to the blood system. Along this system we can find lymph nodes in very specific areas. The lymph nodes are mostly found in the neck, underarm, in the abdomen, along the groin and around our organs. Inside of the vessels flows a liquid called interstitial fluid wich filters out from the blood vessels. When this liquid is travelling through the lymphatic system it is known as lymph. Swimming inside of the lymph we can find white blood cells that are called lymphocytes. These lymphocytes are in charge of identifying and destroying invading bacteria and viruses. For this to happen the lymphocytes travel inside the vessels picking up all the intruders in our body and bringing them to the lymph nodes where they can be processed and eliminated. The lymphatic system is essential for keeping our bodies clean from everything that does not belong.


Cellulite is fatty tissue that puckers up and dimples beneath the skin and that is pushed upwards in the layers giving it the appearance of an orange peel on the surface. When our body is unable to properly eliminate these fatty substances, they are stocked in the layers of the skin and stay there until a solution is found. One of the reasons for this is that the main organs that clean out our body are congested and can t function to their maximum potential. Some of these main organs include the liver that cleans out the blood, the intestine that eliminate fecal matter and the kidneys that also dispose waste matter. We can compare this to a vacuum that has a filter that is clogged up and doesn’t work properly. Once we clean out the filter it works like new again. Another reason that can cause fat to stock in our tissues is that our lymphatic system can be slow. The lymphatic system depends only on the movement of our body to flow properly and a stagnant lifestyle is not enough for it to function properly, there for it is unable to clean out the garbage faster than what we can put in it in no time.

How Lymphatic Draining Helps For Cellulite

Your Practitioner will concentrate on three major areas to help you reduce cellulite and get your body to clean itself more effectively.

1. The first area and the most important is the neck. Every lymphatic draining treatment for whatever the reason starts here. In the neck we find the reservoir for all of the lymph of the body, so it is very important that the practitioner starts here. It is as if he or she is opening the flood gates so they are clear to receive all the fluid that will arrive with the treatment.

2. The second area to be worked is the stomach. In this region we find all the organs that clean out our body. These organs are surrounded by lymph nodes and we want them clean and clear and ready to do their job.

3. The third area will be to work directly on the problem area. The therapist will work where there is cellulite in order to increase the lymph flow in these areas.

Lymphatic draining can be a very efficient way to work cellulite but you must remember that it can take several treatment and that you will need to take other initiatives with diet and exercise for better results.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage


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