Yoga for Lower Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain

The anatomy of the lower back includes muscles, ligaments, tendons, vertebrae, discs and bones coming together creating joints. All of these can come into play when we are trying to find out the source of our pain. Muscles can seize up into spasms, vertebrae can shift around compressing discs and nerves, joints can misalign causing friction and inflammation and so on. Often when one of these is affected, it will set a domino effect on its surroundings since everything is connected. Some of the causes are due to bad posture, work position, weak core muscles, stress, pregnancy, lack of flexibility or other structural problems like scoliosis or a shorter leg. Other factors that can give us back pain include kidney and ovarian problems, or tumors located in this area. If this is your case it is best to consult a doctor but if not yoga can be a great way to alleviate the pain and prevent it from coming back.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Yoga is a gentle way to work out the body. Practicing this exercise will increase circulation warming up tense muscles and relaxing spasms and knots. The new blood that comes in will bring a fresh supply of nutrients and oxygen allowing the body to repair itself as well as clear out any toxins created by a painful area. Increasing circulation in a specific area will also allow inflammation to reduce and relieve any stiffness that comes with this. The stretches done in yoga allow the muscles to extend and convince them to let go and release. Once this happens, they will tug less on the bones that they are attached to allowing surrounding joints, ligaments and tendons to be in their appropriate location. With yoga, we can increase our range of movement so that we can move around freely with no restrictions. Some of the posture will allow us to work the muscles making them stronger to be able to support a good posture and preventing us from having aches and pains.

Precautions: If you are pregnant, have any disabilities, have severe or chronic medical conditions it is best to check with a physician or yoga instructor before starting to practice yoga. They will be able to assess your case and recommend a proper routine. It is important to feel a good stretch however you should stay within your limitations to avoid injury. This article is for information purposes only.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain


Yoga for Digestion

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Indigestion also known as dyspepsia is a term used to group several symptoms of a digestive tract that is not feeling well. These symptoms may include nausea, heartburn, bloating, cramping, flatulence, feeling full and abdominal discomfort. For most people these symptoms are minor and only cause a bit of discomfort while a small percentage will need to see a doctor for help. Indigestion can happen during and after meals and is often influenced by what we ingest. Dairy products, alcohol, coffee and teas can stimulate the production of acid in the stomach while medication, intestinal parasites and organs that are not functioning well will also affect the digestive tract causing indigestion. Another factor that will disturb digestion is our emotions. When we are nervous our stomach can be in knots, feelings of depression can lead us to eat more or less and a stressful lifestyle can lead us to skip meals or eat junk food on the go. Maintaining a healthy stomach can in improve our general well being.


Yoga is a great exercise to stimulate the digestive system, maintain its health and treat the unpleasant symptoms that come along with indigestion. The breathing exercises will calm mental tension and reduce feelings of stress which will in turn relax any stomach knots. Taking in deep breaths will also allow the diaphragm to move up and down massaging the intestines and encouraging the flow of digestion. The stretches and trunk twists will create a pressure on the digestive organs stimulating them to discharge digestive juices and encourage peristalsis for proper elimination. Taking a moment to do a bit if yoga can help with indigestion as well as help maintain good health, control weight and detoxify our systems.

Precautions: If you are pregnant, have any disabilities, have severe or chronic medical conditions it is best to check with a physician or yoga instructor before starting to practice yoga. They will be able to assess your case and recommend a proper routine. It is important to feel a good stretch however you should stay within your limitations to avoid injury. This article is for information purposes only.

Yoga Routine for Digestion

Yoga for Insomnia

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Yoga for Insomnia

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Insomnia is the symptom of a variety of other health problems. The source can come from psychological problems like stress and anxiety, physical pain that doesn’t allow us to fall asleep as well as digestive disorders that cause discomforts and hormonal changes that affect our moods and unbalance us. Some of the hormonal changes can be caused by menstruation and menopause causing our hormones to fluctuate up and down affecting our general well being whether physical or mental. Sleepless nights can last from a few days in row to a few weeks in most case but for others it can be an ongoing problem. The hours that we spend awake keep our bodies from taking care and repairing the various health problems that cause the insomnia. Very soon, we can find ourselves in a vicious circle where circle where the causes worsen and sleep is much more difficult.


Yoga can be very beneficial for treating the causes of insomnia and conquering sleeping problems. The meditation and breathing exercises will allow us to calm our restless minds reducing stress and feelings of anxiety making our troubles a thing of the past. The stretching techniques will rid the muscles of tension releasing joint discomforts and reducing physical pain. When we are alleviated from pain, it is also much easier to relax. Some of the stretches are able to stimulate the digestive system while the breathing techniques will allow the diaphragm to massage the intestines assuring their proper function. When the mind is relaxed and not filled with stressful thoughts, it has more time to handle its normal tasks. This includes proper distribution of hormones and giving signals for the body to repair itself. Once this happens, physical pain is once again taking care of and problems like P.M.S and hot flashes are relived.

Taking a moment to do a few yoga stretches, meditation and breathing exercises during our bed time routine can help with the various health problems that cause insomnia. Restful nights will also give you more energy to deal with everyday stresses and the repairing benefits will fix the problems causing pain.

Precautions: If you are pregnant, have any disabilities, have severe or chronic medical conditions it is best to check with a physician or yoga instructor before starting to practice yoga. They will be able to assess your case and recommend a proper routine. It is important to feel a good stretch however you should stay within your limitations to avoid injury. This article is for information purposes only.

Yoga Routine for Insomnia

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Yoga for Digestion

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Sea Shell Massage

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Throughout history sea shells have had importance in many cultures. They once have been used as currency in the Indian and Pacific oceans as well as America, Africa and the Caribbean. Because of their shape, they made great tools used as scrapers, blades and shovels. They are also believed to have very good healing energy and are a strong symbolism in many religions of the world. Today, you can go to a massage therapist who will use a variety of shells as tools to work out your tension and hopefully you will benefit from its healing powers.

What to expect during the treatment:

This treatment consists of a Swedish massage where the therapist will use cone scallops and fan shaped shells with all their different texture as a tool to work your knots and tension. The different contours can be used in a variety of different ways to offer a deep penetrating massage. The massage therapist could use the shells cool or warmed up in hot water. The hot shells could be placed in different areas on the body for concentrated heat or passed along the members, back and neck to increase circulation on an entire area. They might also pour a few drops of essential oils onto the hot shells that have been placed on the body to bring in the added benefits of aromatherapy.

The Benefits to this treatment:

This massage can have therapeutic effect on the muscles. The shells can be used to penetrate deeper and if they are warmed up, they can relax tight, achy muscles and offer pain relief. Using the shells hot will also increase blood circulation which will have a ripple effect on the lymphatic system ridding the body of toxins like lactic acid and helping with circulatory problems. This treatment can also be very relaxing, therefore reducing stress, anxiety and even helping with insomnia. Also, the texture of certain shells can offer a slight exfoliation that will take care of dead skin cells.

With all these benefits how could you not enjoy the healing powers of the shells?

Massage Therapy for Insomnia

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Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is a symptom that comes along with several health problem. A person may have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep even though the opportunity to do so is present. Since it is a symptom, it is important to determine the origin of it’s cause. For some, it can be due to stress and anxiety. When trying to fall asleep, they are unable to switch off the brains and feel troubled by worries. They can start to panic, get heart palpitation and have a hard time taking deep full breaths with ease. Pretty hard to fall asleep when you feel like this. For others, it can be due to physical pain. Their aching body may not allow them to stay in one comfortable position long enough for them to fall asleep causing them to toss and turn throughout the entire night. Another source for insomnia can originate from indigestion. It has been noted that a lot of people with irritable bowl syndrome often have insomnia. More common problems like heartburn could also keep them from catching some z’s since it can cause a lot of discomfort. When we look at the person as a whole, we can often find all these linking together. Head stresses can cause stomach problems and tired achy muscles, physical pain can stress us out affecting our stomachs, indigestion can tire our minds taking away energy to deal with physical pain and so on and so forth. We can get stuck in a viscous circle where this keeps us from sleeping at a moment where we need the rest and repair benefits the most.

How Massage can Help

If you choose to go for a massage to help with your insomnia it is very important to discuss with the therapist the source of your insomnia. This will be done at the beginning of the treatment when opening the file. If you have determined that the cause is stress, then the therapist will be able to proceed with a relaxation massage calming your mind, slowing down your breathing and heart rate. If the reason is physical pain then they can give a more therapeutic massage to alleviate the discomforts. In this case, the massage will rid the muscles of tension, reduce inflammation, ease joint pain while increasing blood and lymph so that nutrients are brought to the cells and tissue damage can be repaired. For most digestive problems a stomach massage can be added to the treatment to relax indigestion and the calming effects will also soothe many stomach ailments. The general well being effects massage has to offers can help with a variety of problems and once we take care of these our sleep patterns are improved giving us more energy to stay healthy and avoid that these problems come back.

Massage is simply a good resource for us to get back on track with good sleep and to improve our health and well being. If you suffer from restless nights, it should be considered.

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Chocolate Body Wraps

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This very delicious treat does wonders on our health. Chocolate is made from cacao beans which are enriched with anti-oxidant that maintain good cell health as well as citric acid and magnesium oxide. Because it insures good cell health it does wonders on skin, toning it and giving it a healthier glow and softer touch. The very smell of chocolate will trigger our brain to release endorphins uplifting our mood, making us feel generally better therefor reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and emotional P.M.S symptoms. It is also known for it’s stimulating effects on our metabolism, encouraging blood and lymph flow which will in turn remove excess fluid, detoxify and help for losing weight and reducing cellulite.

Chocolate Body Wraps:

Body wraps are a wonderful way to soak up the benefits of chocolate via the skin. The treatment will start with an exfoliation in order to rid the epidermis of dead skin cells which will allow the product to go work directly on a newer layer of skin. This process will also open the pores and activate the blood circulation so that absorption of the nutrients is facilitated. Many different types of exfoliations can be used but if we want to keep the themes one made with cocoa beans is defiantly recommended. Once the skin is prepared a layer of cocoa powder that has been mixed with water is smoothed onto the body. Once an area is covered, the therapist proceeds to wrapping with a plastic layer and a blanket until the entire body has been covered. The face can be included without being wrapped.Bundling up the client will keep them warm ad they perspire the detoxification process begins while the the skin feed itself of the richness of the chocolate. The clients will stay relaxing for about 20 minutes before being unwrapped and heading to clean off the product. This can be done by taking a shower and flushing it down the drain or by asking in a nice hot bath to continue enjoying the benefits. A nice way to end this treatment is to compliment it with a massage of simply apply a cocoa butter based cream all over the body.

Do It Yourself:

Although it is nice to treat ourselves at the spa it is not necessary to spend the big bucks to enjoy this treatment. Like many spa treatments, the ingredients can be found at the super market and with a few materials this can be done in the comfort of our own home. For the mixture, you will need 200 grams of cocoa powder with no less then 50% cocoa beans. You can mix this to 1/2 a liter of water and stir until everything is well blended. Start by giving your skin a quick exfoliation and proceed to apply the chocolate mixture. Once you have it all over you can wrap yourself in a large piece of plastic and blanket. Stay like this for a good 20 minutes then proceed to either a bath or shower. Finish by applying cream all over.

Simply another way to enjoy chocolate while taking care of yourself. Hope you enjoy this treat.

Precaution: This treatment is not recommended for people with diabetes and people with high or low blood pressure, heart disease or pregnant should check with their doctor first.  Claustrophobic people could feel uncomfortable all wrapped up.

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Weird Spa Treatments

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With spa treatments becoming more popular, the search to find new treatments to offer either inspired by the past or by modern research is on the rise. When a spa finds a new treatment they are often pioneers and the only ones to offer a unique service. Sometimes, more than often, being original can also mean being weird. I now present to you the strangest of the strange.

Spermine Facials: If you are good at breaking down words then you probably noticed the sperm in spermine. You guessed right, your esthetician will be using human synthesized sperm to treat your face. There’s a lot of jokes to made here but I will leave that up to you. This substance has anti-oxidant properties that can smooth the skin and diminish wrinkles. Once the product is layered on the skin, ultrasound and infrared light will be used to allow the product to penetrate and work out fine lines.

fish reflexology

Fish Reflexology:This treatment, mostly popular in Asia, uses Turkish spa  fish to give the treatment. The clients puts their feet in a pool of water while the fish work away at nibbling dead skin. After about 1o minutes the client moves on to another pool with larger aggressive African fish. In this case aggressive simply means that it tickles more while they swim around your feet. Once these steps are done, a softer skin is revealed and it’s time to complete with a reflexology session. This treatment can be very beneficial for helping people with psoriasis while the extremely ticklish may find it hard to relax.

Geisha Bird Poop Masks: This facial was commonly used in Japan by the Geishas to keep their skin clear. The main ingredient is droppings from the nightingale bird which is known to have powerful cleansing properties. Today in spas, the aesthetician will apply an odorless layer of the mask on the face so that client can enjoy the calming effects. They may also choose to enhance the treatment with a rice rub for an exfoliating effect.

Snake Massage:No need for a massage therapist here, the snakes get to work on your body. The client lays on the table while a variety of these reptiles slither all over the body. This sensation has been noted to be very relaxing for many but I’m not sure I could sit still and let go. The only thing that could comfort me is that none of the snakes are venomous.

If you are interested in really alternative treatment and trying new experiences then I hope this list has inspired you.

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